“The Stockholm Encounter” Daley Blind

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This is the story of Daley Blind, the man who faces Ajax. The old team he supported In the Europa final when playing for Manchester United what happened that night and what will he do Here’s what Blind’s direct oral statement tells us, through his UTD Unscripted column, the story of the time. and hereafter are his words.

Years ago I thought the Europa League was a lot more important for the big teams. Because it’s an opportunity to qualify for the Champions League. Therefore, it is no longer viewed as a sole trophy. its greater importance

Of course, this trophy in the 2016/17 season. It’s a “must win” situation only for everyone at United.

To reach the Europa League final is a very long road. because more teams than in the Champions League And maybe the qualifiers will start immediately within a few weeks. After the last season had just ended. So it took a lot of time and effort to go through each lap. Some of them must have some hope and depend on luck. For example, we were almost eliminated in the final minute of the semi-final against Celta Vigo. They miss a golden opportunity in stoppage time.

But in the end Sometimes we just need some luck in order to win through it.

After leaving the pitch that night, I was very excited to be playing in the final in Stockholm. Then we learned that we will face Ajax. I actually knew it was either Ajax or Lyon. And I swear I can’t make up my mind about how I feel Because I know it will be a game that is not like other games for me.

Daley Blind

above all This is the full story directly from Daley Blind, given to United in the UTD Unscripted column on March 6, 2021, ahead of last season’s Europa League Round of 16. 2020/21

Blind’s Ajax beat Young Boys but ended up losing 3-2 to Roma in the quarter-finals on aggregate before Roma were beaten by Man United in the round. Second on aggregate 8-5 and we lost to Villarreal in the final.

In the 2021/22 UCL season, Ajax are in Group C along with Sporting Dortmund Besiktas, who could potentially qualify. With many players we know well that are still on the team.

Whether it’s Onana, Sebastian Aller, Tagliafico, Doosan Tadic, David Neres, Ryan Gravenbirch, the 18-year-old midfielder, Ed. Son Alvarez, a 23-year-old defensive midfielder at Manchester United who came to watch (sometimes), veteran winger Stephen Berghaus who signed from opponents such as Feyenoord, etc., including Daley Blind at the age of just 31 years and this season he has been adapted to play as a left-back for the team already.