Ronaldo breaks record for jersey sales

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Ronaldo breaks record for jersey sales after the stream of fever Ghost fans flock to reserve the web in 4 hours.

Even just a few days after signing the contract And has not appeared within the official Manchester United club. But the Portuguese superstar’s second-round stint with the Red Devils created a phenomenal fever among fans. Manchester United already

British media reported that After the club confirmed Ronaldo. Would return to the number 7, the number he made his name at Old Trafford. By Uruguay striker Edinson Cavani. original shirt owner Reluctant to switch to wearing the number 21 instead, causing fans to buy Ronaldo’s shirts until they run out of unprecedented speed.

The news indicates that Manchester United fans are queuing up at the official shop in front of Old Trafford Stadium. Meanwhile, the official online store, United Direct, sold out in just four hours, setting a record for the fastest selling sporting goods sold outside of North America.

In addition, Fanatics, the webmaster of United Direct, said that only the first hour of sales was the site’s all-time record. And that the 24-hour sales of Ronaldo shirts were made. The record for the highest sales of football shirts of all time in the world football industry. Breaks Lionel Messi’s record of all-time rivals who recently set a record with Paris Saint-Germain, including quarterback legend Tom Brady. When he joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.