Mourinho warns Xhaka should be vaccinated

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Mourinho warns Xhaka should be vaccinate after refusing injection until infect with covid-19

Roma manager Jose Mourinho has posted an Instagram post about Arsenal‘s Swiss star Granit Xhaka. To be vaccinate against the virus “Covid-19” after referred to previously refused vaccination.

Xhaka recently teste positive for coronavirus while participating in the latest round of the national team and it has been reveal by the Swiss Football Association. He refused to be vaccinate. The association gives each player the right to decide whether to inject or not. Because it is personal and he chose not to inject Although the association recommends injections while other players have had injections or are recovering from coronavirus therefore have a built-in immune system Shaka’s infection is a shame. Because it’s an important moment for the team.

Mourinho posted a comment on Xhaka’s Instagram a few days ago stating: Excited to play for the national team. Before being diagnose with covid later. The Mourinho Post told Xhaka to get vaccinate against the coronavirus to be safe.

It was previously report that The 28-year-old Switzerland captain almost join Mourinho’s Roma last summer. But in the end, he chose to stay with Arsenal and signed a new contract for 2 years, plus the option to extend the contract for another year.