Klopp announces a one-year break after his contract with Liverpool

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Klopp announces a one-year break after his contract with Liverpool expires Still not clear whether he will continue to control the Iron Eagle or not.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp speaks to German media “RTL” about the prospect of getting a job at the Iron Eagles. After retiring from the position of the Reds coach To which Klopp replied: It is a pleasure to be asked about the issue of national team coaching several times for them when their contract with Liverpool expires. no matter what The first thing I want to do is experience a normal life. Will ask to stay for 1 year because in the past, I haven’t had a chance to rest yet

Klopp continued: The work I’m doing is very fun. and he likes it The only problem is when the day is over. Their work did not end. Couldn’t turn off the switch and work stubbornly. Do you think you will do this job until you’re old or not? Still can’t answer. which is no problem at all because there are also good coaches many more in the industry

In the past, Klopp was one of the favorites to take charge of the Iron Eagles after Joachim Low retired at the end of Euro 2020, but Klopp has confirmed that he will continue in charge of the Reds. Instead, the event went to Hansi Flick, former Bayern Munich manager. Klopp’s current contract with Liverpool expires in 2024 and it is unclear whether he will extend it