‘France’ form stiff! Chase “Ukraine” 1-1 World Cup qualifiers

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‘France’ form stiff! Chase “Ukraine” 1-1 World Cup qualifiers

France’s “Kai Brand” team are in pursuit of a 1-1 draw with Ukraine during the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers European zone at the NSK Olympiskiy in Kiev, Ukraine on September 4.

Ukraine took the lead at the end of the first half. With a stunning shot from long range by Mycola Chaparenko, before halftime Anthony Martial equalized for France 1-1.

Other results:
Finland 1-0 Kazakhstan,
Ireland 1-1, Azerbaijan 1-1
, Serbia, Luxembourg 4-1
, Latvia, Norway 0-2,
Cyprus, Russia 0-. 2
Slovenia lost 1-0 Malta,
Faroe Islands lost 0-1 Denmark
Israel 5-2 Austria
Scotland lost 1-0 Moldova
Gibralta lost 0-3 Turkey
Netherlands beat Montenegro. 4-0
Slovakia lost 0-1 Croatia.