Director Edu suggests that Arsenal must be patient

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Arsenal technical director Edu Gaspar said in an interview with the press that the club’s strategy is necessary to build a team in order to hunt for future success. Therefore, the Gooners, if they truly love each other, must be patient and wait for success.

Edu was criticize by both his own fans and critics. Because since serving full time in the summer of 2019, he has been able to reinforce the army without direction, resulting in a continuous decline in the league rankings for the club.

Especially the summer market 2021 that has just closed. ‘Cannons’ are the team with the most profitable buy-sell of the English Premier League, with a red list of more than 131.8 million pounds.

Looking back on the five markets, Edu brought in 19 players to the team for purchase, rent-loan and free signing, but never in a single year has made it to the top four until it has become a hot topic of criticism. 

It’s up to the Brazilian strategist to clarify from the perspective of the club’s policy that it sees long-term success. Get into the tune of starving sour to eat sweet 

“Yes, I know the Arsenal fans, we are disappointed, I understand the reason because, first of all, they haven’t had a chance to see a really determined team play together. That’s one thing that I want to explain. But I want everyone to try to look at the context as a whole rather than just the money spent.”