Deschamps has continued to praise Giroud for the national team

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Didier Deschamps, coach of the French national team Admired Olivier Giroud’s goalscoring performance, but nothing is guarantee in the 2022 World Cup squad.

Giroud scored two goals in two games in March’s friendly. It was his 47th and 48th goals against Ivory Coast and South Africa in 112 games ufabet for France, just three behind all-time goalscorer Thierry Henry. “I talked to him. Like other players many others in the current story As for the future, I don’t know.”

“It will depend on many factors, he insists that when he is there, He has the ability to score goals. It’s important to him and important for the team. And we will see each other in June.” “History His has been known for a long time. He is useful in playing the ball in the air. He is important even if he doesn’t score a goal.” “I didn’t ask him to do something different from what he had done to us in a long time. And it’s what he does for the club,” Deschamps said.