Another Redknapp hit Tuchel, choosing to send Kepa

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Jamie Redknapp, former England midfielder Criticism of Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel‘s decision to send Kepa Arrizabalaga Came onto the field to serve in the Carabao Cup final penalty shootout.

         “Sing the Blues” lost to Liverpool in a 10-11 target duel after a tie in 120 minutes 0-0, which the German boss sent Kepa into the field at the last minute instead of Eduard Mendy who did. The duty was excellent throughout the game, but in the end Kepa couldn’t save a penalty and was the one who missed the shot until the ufabet team lost.

         Redknap viewed Tuchel’s decision as a nonsense, criticizing Kepa’s shot over the crossbar.

         “I think it’s too smart for your own benefit, Tuchel decided to send him on for the penalty because he thought he (Kepa) saved the penalty better,” Redknapp said. via Sky Sports

         “I think he’s too complicated, Mendy is a bigger goalkeeper. How can you tell he won’t win with Mendy in charge, I think that’s ridiculous and it proved today. He didn’t save at all. Not even close.”

         “We all agree that everyone can miss penalties. But it doesn’t make sense to me. He’s not good enough for you to put all your hopes on.”

         “I hope it makes the idea of ​​changing the goalkeeper to save the penalty, Mendy is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and you put Kepa in his place, it’s funny.”

         “I don’t like his behavior in the penalty shootout. And then he takes a terrible penalty as you can see. I don’t understand why you did that.”